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Private Flute Lessons

Rachel Lau Flute Profile.jpg

Rachel is a skilled and passionate flute player and music educator.

Out of many years of experience teaching students of all ages (it's never too late to learn something new!), Rachel will adeptly tailor lesson plans to suit each individual's learning style and musical goals.


Whether you want to pick up the flute as a fun new hobby, or you want to push yourself to excel and succeed, you will be able to develop these goals and experience the encouragement and motivation to achieve. Rachel has experience preparing students with excellent results for performances, AMEB examinations, VCE music and competitions.

Music lessons are designed to be musically rewarding, mentally stimulating and ultimately enjoyable for each student.


Some goals that we can work together towards include:


  • Learning to communicate through music

  • Learning how and what to practise for better results

  • Overcoming mental practise barriers and blocks

  • How to use your body to create the best possible sound for your instrument

  • Performing with conviction and flair

  • Any other goals you have in mind!

Performance Opportunities

Student concerts are held twice a year to provide budding musicians with the opportunity to perform. 

Performance is a crucial aspect of music education, offering numerous benefits for students. Regular performances enhance technical proficiency, boost self-confidence, and provide a platform for emotional expression and artistic interpretation.


The joy of sharing music with an audience brings personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, making performance an integral part of a musician's holistic development.

Lessons based in Heathmont

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